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Bo Johnson is a talented songwriter, producer and artist from Sweden. Awarded with accolades such as the peerless Billboard Dance Chart no.1 award, 3x US Top 20 placements, DJ Times no.5 and a GRAMMY® consideration of his debut album “The Rise” for Best Dance/Electronic Album prior to the 2022 GRAMMY® Awards, Bo Johnson is the world’s latest soulful electronic and dance sensation.

Latest Release:
All Time Hits:
Bo Johnson Music
(2015) Chemicals
(2015) Hand in Hand
(2015) I Want You To Know (Bo Johnson Remix)
(2015) No Hands (Cold Blank vs BJ Remix)
(2015) Shades of Grey (Bo Johnson Remix)
(2016) Older (Bo Johnson Remix)
(2017) Frans - Liar (Bo Johnson Remix)
(2017) It Ain't Me (Bo Johnson Remix)
(2017) Unsteady (Bo Johnson Remix)
(2017) When Dragons Cry
(2018) BOOF!
(2018) Fields of Gold
(2018) I'm Moving On
(2018) Run For Life
(2019) What If
(2019) World Wide West
(2020) It´s a Lifestyle (Better Bodies Anthem)
(2020) XOXOXO
(2021) Dogs 4ever
(2021) The Rise
(2022) All I Need Now Is This
(2022) Love Come Back
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